Bible Study & Small Groups

Sunday Morning Small Group

9:00am every Sunday, before service. All that show up are welcome to join.

This weekly small group goes in-depth into the study of scripture. We learn about the cultural context, the original language, and the historical background of the text being studied; we apply what we learn in these texts to our real lives. Subjects and books for study are chosen by the group and by the pastor. Those with a thirst for knowledge and context should join us!

Sunday Lunch Small Group

11:30am every other Sunday, after service. All that show up are welcome to join.

The mission of this small group is to deepen our faith together in an informal, family-style setting. We begin by having lunch, with vegan and vegetarian options available. We then read passages from a Christian book about an aspect of faith, or a book in the Bible. We change our theme or book every couple of months. After reading, we facilitate a discussion, where all are encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences, and prayers related to the topic. If you want somewhere to discuss your faith with others, join us!